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One of the most important steps in constructing and preparing a building is the building’s proper plumbing. To transfer water and gases in the building, installing metal, plastic, or cement pipes is necessary for the building’s piping stage. In fact, installing pipes and connecting them to distribute water and gas and discharge waste is called building plumbing. The plumbing of the building must be done in a completely principled and professional manner. 24-hour plumber London provides its services to customers in these fields.

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In general, piping is used in various industries and industrial facilities to transfer chemicals, pneumatic and compressed air systems, and urban, industrial, and agricultural water supply networks. Also, one of its main applications is related to building plumbing. At this stage, pipes are installed in a part of the building to transfer water and gas and drain the kitchen and bathroom water. For building plumbing and motor house plumbing, certain rules and regulations are considered based on engineering calculations and depending on each area’s geographical conditions, which experts must strictly follow. Applying these rules has advantages such as saving on raw materials, preventing errors, standardizing plumbing fittings, and preventing overwork and economic damage. In this article, we will talk about the important points in building plumbing and its stages.


Important points in building piping systems

Building plumbing is one of the most important steps in building a building that is of great importance. Improper plumbing of the building may cause problems in the future. Therefore, it should be entrusted to a Emergency plumber London specialist.


The technical points that must be observed when plumbing the building are:

  • Care of pipes and plumbing system against building materials: Because other construction operations are performed during the construction of the building plumbing and may damage the pipes and plumbing equipment, it is necessary to observe the following points. Piping and pipes should be cleaned of various construction materials, including sharp shells. Under no circumstances should the pipe roll be placed directly on the floor of the building under construction. To prevent this, placing cardboard or cardboard under the pipe protects against possible damage. After each piping route, pipe, test, and approval of the supervising engineer, the pipeline route should be covered with light mortar to protect it from possible damage and damage.


The first step in building plumbing is to prepare a plumbing plan and then execute it correctly and accurately.


  • Using sun-resistant pipe: If the pipe is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will be damaged, so it is necessary to take care of it in the sun. 24-hour plumber London is at the service of customers to provide services in these fields.
  • Selecting the horizontal piping route on the floor: If the piping is done in a built-in manner, the horizontal routes should be considered only on the floor of the building, and at the end, they enter the wall to reach the valves.
  • Use of original o-rings: If the original o-rings are not used, there will be a leakage problem after a while, and it will cost a lot to repair those parts. Genuine O-rings can usually be purchased from authorized dealers.
  • Covering pipes in the cold: It should be considered that pipes outdoors and exposed to cold must be covered with a suitable layer because too much cold causes the pipes to freeze and can also cause the pipes to burst.
  • The connection between polymer pipe and water heater: According to the building plumbing standard, direct connection of Newpipe pipe to the water heater outlet (wall and standing) is not allowed and should not be done in any way. This is one of the important recommendations of 24-hour plumber London for dear customers. Therefore, it is necessary to connect 45.7 cm (18 inches) of standard metal pipe to the water heater’s outlet and connect the Newpipe pipe to the end of the metal pipe so that there is no problem. If new condensing packages are used, there is no need to use metal pipes because, in the initial design of these packages, this amount of pipes has been included in the package itself, and there is no problem for the plumber.


Principles of building plumbing

Obviously, every job has its own principles and rules, and building plumbing is no exception. In the discussion of building water piping, various issues should be considered, which are referred to as piping principles.

Perhaps the first principle is that clean water should be available to residents in the plumbing of residential and office buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable pipes that have less damage. Another principle in building plumbing is related to toilets and bathrooms, which require high-pressure water. The plumbing should be such that these places always use high-pressure water, which is one of the services of 24-hour plumber London .




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