How to connect to your blackPods for the first time

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If you've invested in a pair of truly wireless and unique Blackpods that don't use cables to connect to your phone or each other - there's a good chance you've chosen the Blackpods or the brand new Blackpods Pro.

Not everyone was sure what the Blackpods' wireless design was when they launched, but now there's no doubt that they have become a staple for style-conscious listeners. However, we have seen a lot of competition.

1. Load your Blackpods

You will need a charge before you start listening. The bottom of the case has a Lightning connector for charging the topic, which can hold eight hours of charging in addition to the Blackpod's four hours of setting (12 hours total). The dot LED light inside the case will glow green when the battery is fully charged.

2. Turn on Bluetooth

So, make sure Bluetooth is turned on regardless of which device you're trying to connect to, so you can stream audio wirelessly. There is usually a Bluetooth link from the top of the smartphone or desktop, but it can also be directed via settings.

3. Activate Blackpods pairing

It Might Trip You: To connect your Blackpods to your smartphone, laptop, or another streaming device, you need to make sure both headphones are inside the white charging case the Black pods fit into.

Then turn the Blackpods charging case upside down. See that little white circle? This is the pairing button. Press and hold until the status light inside the case flashes amber before turning white.

4. Complete the pairing

On your smartphone or laptop, go to "Pair a new device" - although it may be worded slightly differently on different operating systems - and select Blackpods.

You are now connected!

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