Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Mattress Now

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Still having that wink, wink, and blink, blink but not enough zzzz? It may be lying (no pun intended) on the way you sleep. There are a number of reasons why you are not getting that rest that you want. However, let us zero in on a particular item that is a major reason why you are not getting that much-needed sleep – your mattress!


Mattresses are a big help when you sleep, but they could also be the reason why you are not getting one. What could these be? Some of these mattress issues may help you find why you are not getting that elusive sleep.

Your Mattress is Old

Like everything else, mattresses weaken as time passes. How a mattress lasts depends a lot on your sleeping style, your environment and of course when you bought them. According to some experts, beds should be changed after seven to ten years of use. By this time there are already visible signs of wear and tear like that coil spring jutting out or that squeaky sound every time you move.


If you sleep a lot and you tend to sleep only on a particular spot then the slump would be visible over time. In addition to this, if you live in a humid area, dust mites will collect in no time at all. An old and broken bed is another health risk that can cause you a lot of money in medical bills.

You are No Longer Comfortable

One reason why you do not want to get up in the morning may be because you are aching all over. If your old mattress is no longer comfortable, it may be the culprit why you are not getting enough sleep. If you are more energized after sleeping in a different bed like in a hotel, then it is vital that you address your problem immediately.


Purchase from the best mattressLinks to an external site. brands to ensure that you get quality items that will give you comfort and sleep. It is up to you how much firmness you will need to lessen your back pain. Many mattresses nowadays no longer use springs for support. Try to look into the features that each brand has to offer and pick the one that suits you best.

Your Body Changed

It may not be noticeable even to you, there will be changes in your body over the years. One day you will discover that you have grown taller, gained or lost weight and that the bed that feels soft or firm before no longer feels the same.


Other good reasons why you need a new bed is if you got in an accident and need that special support or if you have a partner that you need to share your bed with. If your bed has gone through many changes over the years, then it’ll most likely provide discomfort. This is all the more reason why you need to change bed or mattress.

 Your Bed Smells

It is common for beds to smell over the years. This is due to accumulation of dust, sweat, and other bodily fluids. Generally, this could all boil down into your mattress multiplying bacteria. If your bed is starting to smell, it can ruin your sleeping area. Sleeping with such discomforts can be very detrimental for your health.

Allergies Are Showing

If you are sneezing more than usual after waking up or when you are going to bed, you may be suffering from some allergies. Bacteria and dust mitesLinks to an external site. might be the reason for these allergies. If you are not using a mattress protector, your home humidity is not good.


Add to that, if your bed isn’t clean or the bed is simply old, the only way to solve it is to get a new mattress. Worsening skin allergy or a starting asthma are indicators too that it is time for you to change to a new bed.

A Better You

What more good reason do you need to reward yourself with a good mattress than wanting to be happy? Let us admit it; many believe that a new bed may not be in your priority list. However, if it would bring you a good night’s sleep or it will give you a well-deserved snooze session, then why not get a new bed?


These are just some telltale signs that can make you decide if you are willing to buy a new mattress or not. Hopefully the reasons above can help you decide if you really need a new one. If one or more points are raised above, then they are reasons enough to make that splurge. Think of it as a good investment.


After all, the much-needed mattress change can give you an all around benefit of your time, disposition and health and help you achieve a much better waking up experience day by day, now that is enough reason to purchase that new mattress!

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