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Bocetos is a company that provides Digital Marketing Consulting Services. We work closely with our clients to create, implement and maintain Digital Marketing strategies for their business. Our team of skilled specialists possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to design SEO-friendly websites, optimize content for search engines, manage social media marketing campaigns, analyze data from various platforms and execute email marketing initiatives as well as many other services.

Digital Marketing Consultant Job Description: A Complete Guide For 2020

We are able to provide complete management of your Digital Marketing needs in order to increase traffic on your site or convert leads into customers!


##What is Digital Marketing:


Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote, market or sell a product or service. Digital marketing has grown exponentially over the last decade and can now be seen in many different industries from car manufacturing to healthcare.

The term “digital” refers not just to computers but also all other devices that are used by consumers such as smartphones, tablets, Google Home etc. The internet and social media have transformed how businesses communicate with customers which makes it imperative for them to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.


##How does help you with your digital marketing needs?:


- We offer customized digital marketing strategies for any needs that you may have.

- Our process is simple and systematic: we research, analyze, plan, create & execute your strategy to ensure that it gets the most out of every action taken.

We do this by following three steps: RESEARCH > ANALYSE > PLAN > CREATE & EXECUTE

This loop ensures a constant feedback loop so we can further improve our efforts on everything from SEO or PPC campaigns to social media content creation.


##Why should you hire Bocetos for your business's digital marketing:


- Helps you reach your target audience and increase conversions.

- We are a digital marketing agency that knows what it takes to grow your business online.

- Our comprehensive process is designed to help us better understand all of the moving pieces so we can provide an effective digital strategy for your company's goals.

- Provides measurable results, from increasing traffic on website pages to converting visitors into customers in a way that complements and supports your other efforts like print media advertising or direct sales activities.


##The benefits of Digital Marketing Consulting Services:


- Digital Marketing Consulting helps businesses develop and implement their marketing strategies. They can monitor the success of these efforts by measuring the metrics that are important to them, such as engagement rates, average time spent on site or page views per visitor; traffic sources, conversions, and lead generation.

- A website audit will be conducted before any action is taken so they know what changes need to take place in order for their business goals to be met. This may include adding content if needed or adjusting layouts and navigation systems.

- Once the audit is complete, a consulting project will be developed. This could include developing content for their website or social media channels, managing campaigns that require them to use various marketing tools and techniques at different stages of consumer engagement with this business; such as email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile apps development or advertising on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

- Digital Marketing Consulting Services may also help companies by providing training to increase knowledge about how these new digital technologies work so they can make informed decisions on what types of strategies are best suited to meet their goals.

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