Tracking keyword optimization data which truly matters

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Everyone knows the drill. To be able to pick out the keywords which are most searched, do the best you can to rank highly and to pay the consultants for SEO for being able to achieve the first position in searches.

But that is not the only worst possible approach. Nowadays, the SEO doesn’t work a lot the way it used to unless you happen to be a big corporate and counting expenses on the search engine optimizations in the thousands.

Why keyword research and rank tracking is not about being no.1 | Smart  Insights

So is it possible to pick the right keywords, get them optimize your website for them and track their positions? There are tricks and tips which can end up getting you the best optimization of keywords and rank tracking by use of the keyword rank tracker and much more

Keyword research

Before starting to track your position, you need to do the keyword research and ensure that the website is optimized for the keywords which have been selected. There is a number of keywords which are endless in research guides and thus, the following are the best practices:

  • It is not all about search volumes
  • The difficulty keywords are a game changer
  • You will get a lot of help through SERP analysis

When thinking about the keyword research, you have to find out a combination which is ideal of search volume and the difficulty keyword – how hard it could be in competing with others by use of similar keywords. Most of the keyword tools normally come with this particular feature. You have to remember that, they might have their own data calculations and sources of the metrics. That is the reason why it is important to utilize the tools using the right data and keyword difficulty score to reflect the most relevant keyword optimization factors.

So what combination is ideal?

There is nothing such as ideal combination which is going to work for everyone. It is always unique which is normally based on the niche itself, competitors and the SEO skills that you have. And this is where you start to talk about the long tall keywords.

Why you need to skip the keywords which are most searched for and the long tails

The long tails keywords reach search volumes which are lower and at times very low. You count them in hundreds or even in tens at times. But when it comes to keyword difficulty, it tends to be lower, having a higher conversion rate and there are numerous that you can rank for.

Despite the terms which are most searched for being quite attractive, they are a representation of only about 15% of all the searches which are across the globe. Most of the searches are long tail queries and it amounts for 70%.

Mistakes you have to avoid

Most businesses would want to rank for the most searched keywords and thus, wasting energy on them instead of going straight to build their way from the bottom, benefiting from several keywords. And the best part of this is that, the sight might have already ranked for most of the long tail keywords that you did not know about. That denotes that you will get a lot of high quality traffic.


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