How You Can Choose Proper Tiles for Your Kitchen Walls

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The kitchen is one of the most important parts of our home, as we cook there, clean and store stuff, also many other things. And without maintaining it properly you’ll have to face numerous troubles. And in order to maintain your kitchen properly, you’ll need a proper decoration for your kitchen that will be really convenient and comfortable for you. There are many ways of decorating a kitchen, and you can use various elements for the decoration process of your kitchen. But the first and foremost element we think about while planning to decorate a kitchen. Tiles are actually the most important element for the decoration of a kitchen.

If you want to decorate your kitchen based on your own preference, aesthetic view, and functionality, tiles can help you in that matter. There are tiles of many different types, colors, designs, and textures available in the market, and you can choose tiles for your kitchen from that wide range of tiles. Not all types of tiles will go well with kitchen walls, as the kitchen is always exposed to smoke and fumes. When you are going to choose tiles for your kitchen, you need to keep in mind these factors and choose tiles that can easily withstand heat, oil molecules, moisture, fumes, smoke, etc. Moreover, you need to choose tiles that don’t get chipped or scratched easily, and are really easy to clean, because kitchen tiles can get really messy after day-to-day activities.


So, let’s have a look at the stuff that can help you in choosing the proper tiles for your kitchen so that you can decorate your kitchen with a nice look and convenient features.



You can go for various types of tiles for your kitchen walls, but usually ceramic and porcelain tiles are used for kitchen walls. Both these types of tiles are water and heat-resistant, and they are very cost-effective too. You can go for different types for different portions, like for your countertop, you can go for stone tiles. For the backsplash tiles, you can go for metal tiles or glass tiles, along with a combination of other types of tiles too. Metal and glass tiles can create elegant scenery when natural light is reflected on them.


Placement of The Tiles

You need to select which parts of the kitchen you are tiling, as there are many different parts of the kitchen to tile, and you might use different tiles for each portion of the kitchen. So, determine the place where you are going to use the tiles, and then choose the tiles based on that so that the tiling job can be effective.


Determining The Budget

Based on what material you choose and what kind of looks you want for your kitchen. As the prices of the tiles vary based on designs, materials, etc. So, determining your budget at first will help you in choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen. Otherwise, you might face a budget deficit in the middle of the tiling process.


Consider Your Lifestyle

You need to take your lifestyle into consideration before choosing the tiles, as if your chosen tiles don’t align with your lifestyle or way of life, then you won’t be able to have comfort and convenience, and the tiles won’t last either. While some tiles might be resilient to cracking or fading, some might need certain maintenance procedures to follow. For instance, if you go for stone tiles, they will need sealing and regular cleaning to keep their look perfect, or if you use glass tiles, they might break soon if you are accustomed to a rough lifestyle. So, choose tiles that fit your lifestyle.


Tile Color

You need to choose tile color depending on your choice and preferences. But you should know that the way your kitchen will look depends largely on the tile color. If you go for dark-colored tiles, you will have a more elegant and moody atmosphere, while you will have a relaxing and serene look with light-colored tiles. Light-colored tiles will also make your kitchen look bigger, so it’s wise to use light-colored tiles if the space is small.


Tile Size

Usually, small-sized tiles are used in the kitchen, but larger tiles can make your space look bigger. However, you can go for different sizes in different places. Like, you can go for larger tiles to use on the wall and the countertop, whereas you can go for smaller ones for the backsplash.


Pattern and Texture

You can go for any kind of tile pattern or texture based on your taste. Tile finish has a very important role in the looks of your kitchen, so you need to be wise in choosing that. If you go for a gloss finish, the tiles will be easier to clean, but if you go for the matte finish, tiles will need extra sealing to prevent dirt deposition and stains. Again, glossed tiles might be more suitable for the dark space where natural light doesn’t reach much. 


Final Words

The choice of your tiles will always depend on your personal preference and needs. But make sure to consider the above-mentioned factors so that you can get the best result from the decoration job. If you make choices based on these, you will be able to have an elegant and comfortable decoration for your kitchen.

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